Perman Episodes In HINDI

  Perman Episodes In HINDI

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Mitsuo begins by rescuing people who are victims of crimes or disasters, so as Paman he is admired. He is, however, often troubled by his dual life as a both brilliant superhero and as an unrewarded ordinary boy. He wishes to abandon his role as Perman, but he continues to be Paman out of a desire to help people caught in disasters.

Perman 2016 Episodes [Hungama tv]

Episode 01 - Perman to the Rescue / Perman plays Baseball

Episode 02 - Here comes the Teacher / Perman the Runaway

Episode 03 - Perman misbehaves / Watch out for water

Episode 04 - Perman the bodyguard / The Mystery Truck

Episode 05 - The Bagal Boy / Home Alone

Episode 06 - Permans's Mammy and Papa / The Counter Fighters

Episode 07 - Mitsuo The Hero / Perman The Ninja

Episode 08 - The Escape Parrot / A Sleepless Night

Episode 09 - A Trip To The Mountains / The Home Run Ball

Episode 10 - Pick Pocket / Perman Help's Robber Bank

Episode 11 - The School Ghost / The Festival

Episode 12 - Mitsuo's Famous Friends / The Lost Badge

Episode 13 - Super Granny / Robot To The Rescue 

Episode 14 - Hot Cakes And Handcuffs / Sabu Change is Side

Episode 15 - Mitsuo's Masterpiece / A Rainy Day Adventure

Episode 16 - The Mystery House / The Judo Champ

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