Penguin's Of Madagascar HINDI Episodes

Penguin's Of Madagascar HINDI Episodes

Watch Penguins Of Madagascar HINDI Episodes in HD

To most people, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are just four cute penguins living in the Central Park Zoo. And that's exactly what they want people to think. Why? Because these placid-looking penguins are actually an elite strike force with unmatched commando skills and a secret headquarters. Their mission? To maintain order in the zoo. Their nemesis? Their obnoxious new neighbor, King Julien. This party animal and self proclaimed "King of the Lemurs" is new to the zoo...and he's looking to shake things up.


Episode 01 - Popcorn Panic/Gone in a Flash 
When the Penguins lose access to their favorite snack, popcorn, Skipper & crew leap into action to gain a new supply of the salty treat / When a camera falls from the sky into the lemur habitat, Julien and Maurice argue about who will keep the shiny toy.

Episode 02 - Tangled in the Web/Crown Fools
When the zoo installs web cams to bring in new visitors, Private accidentally becomes an Internet star. Skipper accidentally causes King Julien to lose his beloved crown. Now the penguins go on a dangerous mission to retrieve the crown from the sewer.
Episode 03 - Paternal Egg-Stinct/Assault and Batteries 
Marlene discovers a lost egg, and asks the penguins to care for it and keep it safe. But King Julien is jealous, and wants to raise the egg to be his second in command.

Episode O4 - Penguiner Takes All/Two Feet High and Rising
The penguins compete against the lemurs in a game of capture the flag. This should be easy for the crack penguin team, but for some mysterious reason the lemurs keep beating them to the flag.

Episode 05 - The Hidden/Kingdom Come
Marlene goes over to meet the newest animal, & she mysteriously disappears. The penguins and lemurs attempt to rescue her, but they are taken, too. When Julien is taken to the zoo infirmary for acting even weirder than usual, Maurice is left in charge.
Episode 06 - Little Zoo Coupe/All Choked Up
The penguins and lemurs face off in a race around the zoo. The penguins in a souped-up version of their car and the lemurs in Alice's zoo cart. Winner takes the losers car!

Episode 07 - Go Fish/Miracle on Ice
When the zoo starts feeding them imitation fish cakes, the penguins take matters into their own flippers and hatch a plan to hijack a fish delivery truck.  

Episode 08- Needle Point/Eclipsed
When the zoo vet rounds up the penguins to give them a shot, Skipper's fear of needles takes over & he goes on the run! During a solar eclipse, Phil & Mason convince King Julien that the sky spirits are angry at him
Episode O9 - Mort Unbound/Roomies 
Mort is exposed to a super-ray, and he grows super-big and strong. But Mort's new strength sends him over the edge, and he starts to take revenge on everyone who took advantage of him when he was small--especially King Julien.
Episode 10 - Roger Dodger/Lemur See, Lemur Do  
The rats have been terrorizing Roger the alligator, and he comes to the penguins for help. Their solution: switch gentle Roger's brain with loose-canon Rico's brain, and let the butt kicking begin! 

Episode 11 - Otter Gone Wild/Cat's Cradle
When the penguins bring Marlene with them on a sno-cone mission in the park, she can't handle the freedom of being outside the zoo walls. Skipper and his team must capture the crazed Marlene before she goes permanently wild.
Episode 12 - Misfortune Cookie/Monkey Love  
When Rico gets a freaky fortune from his cookie, he initially ignores it. But Julien is convinced that Rico needs to believe in the superstition for his own good, so he sets out to make Rico's fortune come true.
Episode 13 - Skorka!/Tagged 
On watch-duty, Private sees a terrifying Skorka: a sky orca whale. No one believes Private that the Sorka exists./When the penguins are interrupted mid-operation by a nosey scientist, they leave the zoo in danger.
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