We Bare Bears Hindi Episodes

  We Bare Bears Hindi Episodes

We Bare Bears follows three adoptive bear brothers: Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear. The bears attempt to integrate with human society, such as by purchasing food, making human companions or trying to become famous on the Internet, although these attempts see the bears struggle to do so due to the civilized nature of humans and their own animal instincts.

-Season 1 Hindi Episodes 720p HD-

Episode 01 - Viral Video / Our Stuff
While trying to locate their stolen backpack, the bears uncover an even bigger crime. Inspired by a viral video of Nom Nom the koala, the bears attempt to become famous themselves by making their own video and later attending a conference for potential memes.

Chloe, a child prodigy, observes the bears in their cave as part of research for a college presentation, but when she leaves her laptop at their cave, the bears edit her slide show to their liking. After a saleswoman named Lucy rescues him from a peanut allergy attack in a farmer's market, Panda falls in love and tries to get closer to her. However, his brothers accidentally ruin their date.

After entering an eating competition, Grizz becomes attached to a "bear sized" burrito and takes it with him everywhere, eventually to the point of it becoming his life. After browsing a hospitality service online, a Bigfoot-like creature named Charlie stays at the bears' cave and nearly destroys it.

-Season 2 Hindi Episodes 720p HD-

Episode 03 - Bear Cleanse!
The bears go on a diet, eating only what their species naturally eats; however, the bears can't seem to break their old habits.

Episode 05 - Ranger Tabes
The Bears order a package, but when their package doesn't arrive the Bears enlist the aid of Ranger Tabes, an over zealous ranger with a strong sense of justice.

Episode 07 - Losing Ice
Feeling unappreciated and ignored, Ice Bear leaves his brothers to be a chef at a Japanese grill.

Episode 08 - Cellie
Panda is consumed with jealousy when his brothers get new smartphones.