Ben 10 Ultimate Alien HINDI Episodes

A year after Ben Tennyson defeated Vilgax, he's known the world over as a hero to kids, anyway. Adults are somewhat more suspicious. Armed with his mysterious new "Ultimatrix," which can transform his aliens into their "ultimate" forms, Ben and his pals Gwen and Kevin are ready for more action.

[Season 1]
Ben's secret identity is revealed to the entire world, and he is now a superhero loved everywhere by kids and teenagers, but distrusted by many adults. Kevin and Gwen find out who revealed Ben's secret and where he lives, and the three go to "pay him a visit".

After trashing a Plasma Beam Tank belonging to the Forever Knights, Ben decides he needs to be in three places at once: 1) go to Julie's tennis game, 2) He has to fight the Forever Knights with Kevin, and 3) see the Sumo Slammers 3D movie.

Ben's enemies are targeting his parents now that he's famous. Max, unable to deal with them alone following a fight with Sevenseven, has to enlist Ben's aid. Vulkanus, Charmcaster, and Zombozo try to attack Ben's dad, Carl, but Ben, Gwen, and Kevin intercept them. Realizing that, as a team, Ben and his friends are too strong to beat, Zombozo decides to "divide and conquer". 

While Gwen and Kevin are fighting each other about bad driving teaching of Kevin, Ben's celebrity status lands him in a starring role in a video game. Using motion capture technology, they record the moves of his various alien forms to integrate them into the game.

A turtle-like alien is causing a rampage in Bellwood. After managing to draw Ben out, who uses Ultimate Big Chill against him, and once Gwen convinces them to use the translators in their badges, he explains that he determined this to be the easiest method of finding Ben.

P'andor (one of the aliens who were captured by Aggregor) offers a huge cash reward to anyone who can break him out of his containment suit. Kevin decides to take the job, only to back out upon learning that P'andor is highly radioactive. Ben tries to stop them as Ultimate Humuongosaur, but he manages to escape. Since Kevin has the ability to open the suit using his Osmosian powers to absorb Taedenite, P'andor tricks him into cutting it open.

When Ben, Kevin, and Gwen investigate an odd string of thefts by the Forever Knights, they learn that Argit is using Andreas (one of the aliens who were captured by Aggregor) to frighten the Forever Knights into making him their leader. 

After ambushing Ben at his house, Ra'ad (one of the aliens who were captured by Aggregor) after a short fight is thrown into a pool by Jetray. Electrocuted, he awakes in Los Selodad and blames Ben for letting Aggregor recapture the other four aliens.

Ben saves actress Jennifer Nocturne from a group of thugs and she is immediately smitten with him, much to Julie's chagrin. However, Ben's only interest is in Captain Nemesis, Ben's hero, who shows up moments after Ben defeats the thugs.

With all five aliens in his possession, Aggregor tries to return to his home world, Osmos 5, to absorb all of their abilities. But a Plumber ambush damages his ship, so he instead heads for Los Soledad in order to use Paradox's time machine as an alternate power source.

Episode 11 - Map of Infinity
With his new powers, Aggregor easily defeats Ben and his friends. Azmuth tells Ben that Aggregor intends to steal the Map of Infinity, a complete map of the entire universe. With it, he'll be able to find the Forge of Creation, the birthplace of the universe.

Episode 12 - Reflected Glory
Ben's childhood bullies, Cash and J.T. start a TV show with Oliver (who was fired by Will Harangue after what happened in "Video Games") as their cameraman, in which they claim to be the brains behind Ben's success as a hero

Episode 13 - Deep
Ben, Gwen, and Kevin travel to the water world of Pisces (Ripjaws' home planet) after finding out that Aggregor is on the planet. Aided by Magister Pyke, they travel to the planet's core, which contains a gravitational multiplier holding the water planet together.

Episode 14 - Where the Magic Happens
Gwen, Ben, and Kevin follow Aggregor into a mystical inter-dimension full magic and mana called Legerdomain with the help of Charmcaster, who was born there. They believe Aggregor's target to be the Alpha Rune worn by Addwaitya, ruler of Legerdomain, which they suspect is a disguised piece of the Map of Infinity. Gwen and Charmcaster work together several times, and the two develop a bond that seems to lead to Charmcaster changing her ways.

Episode 15 - Perplexahedron
Azmuth was upset at Ben's failure to protect the first three pieces of the Map of Infinity, teleports Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to the fourth piece's location: a deadly artificial planet known as Perplexhahedron, created by Professor Paradox to destroy anyone who enters it.

Episode 16 - The Forge of Creation
Azmuth is still upset with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin for letting Aggregor get all of the four pieces of the Map of Infinity. Ben resolves to become Alien X to get Bellicus and Serena to cooperate. When this fails, Paradox arrives and changes Alien X back to Ben.

Episode 17 - Nor Iron Bars a Cage
With Kevin having absorbed the Ultimatrix's aliens and gone back to his insane state, he returns back to the Null Void prison, Incarcecon. Ben and Gwen, searching for answers, realize they have to go to Incarcecon in an attempt to stop Kevin from killing the warden, Morgg. There are also flashbacks that Kevin has, how he left his first mutation and started to absorb solid matter both with the help of a fellow inmate named Kwarrel, and showed how he escaped from the prison, with Kwarrel sacrificing himself to Morgg in the process

Episode 18 - The Enemy of My Enemy
Argit travels to Earth to borrow supplies from Kevin for a scam, where he discovers Kevin's condition and is nearly killed by the insane and vengeful Ultimate Kevin. Ben and Gwen send Argit to the Plumber's Academy to protect him from Kevin.

Episode 19 - Absolute Power Part One
After Kevin absorbs the powers and abilities of Alan, Helen, Manny, Pierce, and Dr. Viktor, Ben and Gwen argue about the best way to deal with him. Ben decides to kill him, while Gwen argues that Kevin can still be saved. The argument escalates into a heated battle between the two first-cousins, which Ben wins as Way Big using an incredibly strong and powerful cosmic ray attack.

Episode 20 – Absolute Power: Part Two [New]
It’s Ben and company’s last stand against a foe they can’t bring themselves to fight!

Season 2

Episode 1 - The Transmogrification of Eunice
Ben, Gwen, and Kevin go out into the wilderness for a camping trip. During a car race between Ben and Kevin, a strange pod falls from space.

Episode 2 - Eye of the Beholder
Baz-L is on a distant planet where he is stealing some valuable gems from some temple statues. Later, the temple guardian worshippers attack Baz-L. Ship suddenly hears Baz-L's cries for help, and leaves Julie to help his old owner. Julie ask Ben for help to locate Ship, who left to help Baz-L.

Episode 3 - Viktor: The Spoils
Zarcovia's soldiers has found the frozen body of Dr. Viktor (after the events of Absolute Power, where Ultimate Kevin attacked and absorbed his abilities). Prince Gyula and King Xarion want to see this weapon, Gyula wants to control Dr. Viktor to use him against rebels in their civil war, but Xarion tells him not to, King Xarion asks for help from Ben, Gwen, and Kevin and explains what Gyula is trying to accomplish.

Episode 4 - The Big Story
Jimmy Jones sees a meteor falling in a cave. He goes in the cave and an alien plant attacks him. He tells Ben and his team about it, but only Ben believes him. They go in the cave but, the plant isn't there. Jimmy offers some peanuts to Ben, but he says that he is allergic.

Episode 5 - Girl Trouble
The team goes to Gwen's house to find a solution to defeat Computron's minions from Dimension 12. When they go to Gwen's room, they find a dark-hair girl. Gwen's mother, Natalie, tells them that it's Sunny, Gwen's naughty cousin. They try to leave the house, but Gwen's mom insists they take Sunny with them.

Episode 6 - Revenge of the Swarm
Taking place one year after the events of Alien Swarm, Victor Validus attacks Ben at night but when he defends himself, he finds a Nanochip that was believed to have been destroyed along with its Queen. Ben, Kevin and Gwen find Elena Validus to see what is going on.

Episode 7 - The Creature from Beyond
An old man named George watches TV. In fact, he is actually watching some Forever Knights live. The group of Forever Knights that he is watching tries to break an ancient seal. The Knights headed up by Sir Reginald knew that behind that seal was the secret of the First Forever Knight, and possibly a cache of alien tech.

Episode 8 - Basic Training
When Ben, Gwen, and Kevin battle Trombipular, an elephant-like alien, they are summoned to Plumbers Academy to go under training. They create a good friendship with an alien named Tack and Ben dislikes the drill instructor, Magister Hulca, that is being targeted for revenge by a menacing Tetramand.

Episode 9 - It's Not Easy Being Gwen
Gwen must juggle things around, in which she has to help Ben and Kevin recapture Dr. Animo, fill out invitations for her mother Natalie's family reunion, help Kevin get into school, finish exams, and go to her best friend Emily's piano performance...all in one day.

Episode 10 - Ben 10,000 Returns
Following a visit from Paradox after a fight with Eon, Ben 10,000 arrives twenty years from the future to seek the aid of his sixteen-year-old past counterpart in tracking down Eon. It is revealed that Eon is actually an adult Ben from an alternate world, and that he wanted to destroy all of the other Bens to become the one and only Ben Tennyson.

Episode 11 - Moonstruck
In flashbacks, Max tells the astounding story to Kevin, Gwen, and Ben of how he had met and fallen head-over-heels for a supremely powerful female Anodite alien when he was but seventeen years old in the 1940s.

Episode 12 - Prisoner #775 Is Missing
The secrets of Area 51 are revealed to Ben Tennyson by Colonel Rozum after Old George infiltrates and destroys it, setting free the 775th prisoner.

Episode 13 - The Purge
Driscoll, Urian, Enoch and Patrick are all sitting in the same room, eyeing each other with utmost loathing. Chaos erupts when Driscoll angrily berates that Urian is wasting his time by calling him in at dead of night, accompanied by the "heretics", until Old George arrives.

Episode 14 - Simian Says
Simian accidentally unleashes a Xenocyte Queen which orchestrates an invasion of the Arachnachimps' planet. When Eunice goes missing, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin end up helping Simian liberate the Arachnachimps' planet from a DNAlien version of the Arachnachimp Mizaru.

Episode 15 - Greetings from Techadon
Techadon robots go after Ben on orders from Vulkanus to attain the Ultimatrix. Gwen and Kevin go across space to prevent Vulkanus from getting what he is after.

Episode 16 - The Flame Keepers' Circle
Julie joins a cult called the Flame Keepers' Circle. Unfortunately for her, Ben discovers that the Flame Keepers' Circle worships Vilgax; whom they mistake for the mighty Daigon because of his close squid-like resemblance. 

Episode 17 - Double or Nothing
Julie joins a cult called the Flame Keepers' Circle. Unfortunately for her, Ben discovers that the Flame Keepers' Circle worships Vilgax; whom they mistake for the mighty Daigon because of his close squid-like resemblance.

Episode 18 - The Perfect Girlfriend
Elena and the nanochips return and impersonate Julie while the real Julie is at a tennis tournament overseas. Ben does not catch onto this until the very end when the real Julie returns and causes Elena to realize that she had never really loved and cared about the real Ben in the first place.

Episode 19 - Ultimate Sacrifice
The ultimate aliens inside Ben's Ultimatrix demand their freedom and end up sucking Ben into the Ultimatrix. While Gwen assumes her inner Anodite form as her astral projection to enter the Ultimatrix to help Ben, Kevin travels to planet Galvan Prime to convince Azmuth to help.

Episode 20 - The Widening Gyre
The gang look into the Pacific Garbage Vortex when some people have gone missing. When they arrive, they find the missing people and two agents sent by Colonel Rozum while dealing with giant seagulls and a sentient Trash Monster.

Episode 21 - The Mother of All Vreedles
Ma Vreedle plans to spawn an army of Pretty Boy Vreedle clones, which could dry up Earth's oceans.

Episode 22 - A Knight to Remember
Vilgax and the Flame Keepers' Circle fight against George and the Forever Knights along with Ben Tennyson. Vilgax gets Dagon's heart and ends up being sucked into Daigon's own parallel dimension.

Episode 23 - Solitary Alignment
Azmuth reveals in his memories how Old George had acquired the great sword, Ascalon, and how he sealed Daigon the first time millennia ago.

Episode 25 - The Enemy of My Frenemy
With the help of Hex, Gwen and the gang set out to rescue Charmcaster from her home world of Ledgerdomain. But they are shocked to learn that Charmcaster's intentions bold ill for them all.

Episode 26 - Couples Retreat
Azmuth reveals in his memories how Old George had acquired the great sword, Ascalon, and how he sealed Daigon the first time millennia ago. In addition, he reveals the real reasons for creating the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix.

Episode 27 - Catch a Falling Star
Techadon Weapon Master 13 arrives on Earth and demands to have the Ultimatrix. A malfunction grants Gwen and Kevin the forms and abilities of some of Ben's aliens.

Episode 28 - The Egg Man Cometh
With the help of Hex, Gwen and the gang set out to rescue Charmcaster from her home world of Ledgerdomain. But they are shocked to learn that Charmcaster's intentions bold ill for them all.

Episode 29 - Night of the Living Nightmares
Darkstar romantically charms Charmcaster and uses her magical strength and energy to his own evil advantage to absorb all of the infinite amounts of mystical mana from Ledgerdomain.

Episode 30 - The Beginning of the End
Jennifer Nocturne runs away with Captain Nemesis after freeing him from jail in hopes of creating a new life with him.

Episode 31 - The Ultimate Enemy Part 1 New
Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and George try to stop Dagon's resurrection, but first, they must defeat the demon's herald: Vilgax, now merged with a Lucubra and is much stronger than ever. 

Episode 32 - The Ultimate Enemy Part 2 New (Season Finale)
The monstrous squid declares his intent to conquer Ben's universe, and summons the Esoterica to destroy the heroes.