Kick Buttowski Hindi Episodes

Kick Buttowski Hindi Episodes
On his quest to become the world's greatest daredevil, Kick Buttowski performs suburban stunts, such as riding down Dead Man's Drop on an ironing board or racing the school bus with a soda-powered jet pack.

Kick Buttowski Season 1

Episode 1 - "Dead Man's Drop" "Stumped"
Kick keeps trying to show everyone that he can beat Dead Man's Drop ramp. / Kick misses Billy Stumps's show, his favorite daredevil, at the local mall, and he gets a chance to ride shotgun with Billy at the next show by finding the key with the help of Gunther and Wade, owner of the local Food'n Fix.

Episode 2 - "Runaway Recital" "Trike X-5"
Harold, Kick's father forces Kick to take piano lessons, which leads to Kick's another wild escape. /
Brianna steals Kick's beloved first stunt bike, which she ultimately uses to compete in a pageant party to beat her pageant rival, Penelope Patterson.

Episode 3 - "If Books Could Kill" "There Will Be Nachos"
Kick has an autographed copy of a book by his idol Billy Stumps which Gunther mistakenly returns to the library. / With their parents out of town, Brad throws a party at the house, which Kick is not allowed to attend.

Episode 4 - "Knocked Out" "Not Without My Cereal"
Kick plans to launch his career on a talent show, but before the show starts, Gunther accidentally knocks him out, Can Gunther wake up Kick before its too late? / Kick has to watch his sister, Brianna, while waiting in the grocery line, in order to get his favorite cereal.

Episode 5 - "Kicked Out" "Kick the Habit"
Kick performs another dangerous stunt and falls off a cliff with Gunther, finding and creating an awesome hangout, which Brad and his friends kick them out of, which has Kick and Gunther repeatedly trying to retake from them. / Facing the risk of being sent to military school, Kick sets out to prove to his concerned parents and the neighborhood.

Episode 6 - "Kickasaurus Wrecks" "Battle For The Snax"
Tired of being called "Shrimp", Kick declares that he will do something big. / Kick tries to help Gunther's family get business at their restaurant, FØÖD, because if he doesn't, Gunther and his family have to move back to the "Old Country".

Episode 7 - "Dancing With The Enemy" "Tattler's Tale"
After a change in class units from Dodge-ball to Dance Appreciation with Mr.Vickle and narrowly avoiding having to dance with Jackie. / The neighborhood is menaced by old Ms. Chicarelli who is determined to see all troublemakers on the cul-de-sac are punished so she can enjoy the peace.

Episode 8 - "Obsession For Kick" "Flush and Release"
A new girl in the neighborhood named Jackie Wackerman sees Kick performing a stunt and immediately claims to be his #1 fan. /  Kick and Gunther seek a legendary giant goldfish which Kick plans to harness for the ultimate wave-boarding experience with the help of their neighbor Mr. Vickle.

Episode 9 - "Snowpocalypse!" "According to Chimp"
Kick and Gunther, with the help of Wade, set out to rescue students stranded on a school bus in a snowstorm. / Kick adopts an escaped chimp as a pet, one which has the potential to cause serious mayhem, unless its pacified by chocolate bananas.

Episode 10 - "Drop Kick" "Box Office Blitz"
Tired of being bullied by Brad, Kick decides to train with a former champion wrestler. / When Pantsy, the assistant manager of the Multiplex bans Kick from seeing a movie featuring his favorite daredevil movie star.

Episode 11 - "Morning Rush!" "Fistful of Ice Cream"
Kick's "dog ate my homework" excuse is no longer valid and must complete 2 months full of homework in one night. / Kick has to save his dad's birthday when the ice cream truck breaks down, and must prevent a group of 3rd Street Bandits from getting their hands on some extremely rare and delicious ice cream.

Episode 12 - "Dad's Car" "The Treasure of Dead Man Dave"
Kick and Brad are watching their dad's car, "Monique." While horsing around, Kick notices a scratch on the passenger side door, which Brad immiadetly tries to blame on Kick. / Its oral report day in Kick's class. He chooses one of his heroes, Dead Man Dave, as the subject of his presentation.

Episode 13 - "Those Who Camp, Do" "Dog Gone"
Kick is stoked to be going on an overnight camping trip, since he hopes to "become a man". / Kick is roped into dog sitting Oskar while his mom and Oskar's owner, Ms. Chicarelli go play shuffleboard.

Episode 14 - "For The Love of Gunther" "Father From the Truth"
When Gunther discovers he has a lot in common with Wacky Jackie, he's bitten by the "love bug," but Jackie doesn't even know he exists. / Kick dreads "Bring your father to school day", as he fears his dad would be too lame, thereby earning his son.

Episode 15 - "Mellowbrook Drift" "The Gift of Wacky"
Kick challenges a physics-obsessed street racing crew, led by bullying nerd Ronaldo in a winner-takes-all race on Mt. / Kick is invited to Wacky Jackie's birthday party, in the middle of a stunt, so Kick decides to get rid of her forever.

Episode 16 - "Abandon Friendship!" "Braking the Grade"
Kick and Gunther search for new best friends when they fear their friendship is ending, this is because their families have argued over Kick's stunts. / Kick tries to hide his report card from his dad long enough to attend a demolition derby.

Episode 17 - "Rank of Awesome"
Gunther Shows Kick a website where the users ranks the most awesome videos. 

Episode 18 - "A Very Buttowski Mother's Day"
Kick and Brad have a sibling rivalry on Mothers Day, so they compete against one another to make a Mother's Day breakfast of eggs, bacon & orange juice for their mother to satisfy her, and Harold also enters the competition as well.

Episode 19 - "Things That Make You Go Boom!" "Kyle Be Back"
Kick and Brad battle to win a trip to Hawaii for the "Stunt That Ends All Stunts" with Boom McCondor. / Kick's annoying cousin Kyle visits and ruins Kick's attempts at the most important stunt that could launch his career.

Episode 20 - "Exposed" "Wade Against The Machine"
Kick loses his helmet, and shocked by the lost of his sign, he decides to quit becoming a daredevil, which makes quite hard. / When Wade is promoted in the Food 'N Fix and has moved out from the store in the company.