Samsher Sikander Chaddie Buddie HINDI Episodes

Adam Lyon [Samsher] is a little misunderstood. Literally. Ever since his name was mistyped at the school admissions office, he's been the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, where the golden rule is "Do not eat the other students." And at CDMS, things are wild: Stalking class is required, the school bully has a dorsal fin, the cafeteria serves bug soup, and Adam's [Samsher] best friend is a spider monkey named Jake [Sikander] !

                      My Gym Partner's a Monkey a.k.a in India Samsher Sikander Chaddie Buddie HINDI Episodes


Episode 01 - Bad News Bear / Lyon of Scrimmage
Coach Gills teams Adam and Jake as one player for the Charles Darwin middle school football team when Adam displays excellent memory at the game play and Jake displays his good arm for tossing.

After Adam and Jake break a fish tube, Jake's consequence is to work in the school office filing papers, while Adam's punishment is to guide an endangered panda, Dingbang, around the school.

Episode 02 - Animal Testing / Inoculation Day

A high score in the school placement test puts Adam in the honors class where he is teased by the students at first, but he is soon respected by them when they see his excellent spelling skills.
The students fear getting vaccinated, resulting in Nurse Gazelle using a blowpipe to inject them. Unfortunately, she accidentally hits Adam with Jake's inoculation; he seems fine at first, but ends up regressing into a dumb ape.
Episode 05 - The Sheds / Shiny Thing
"The Sheds" -- Hysteria breaks out at CDMS when Slips comes in with a case of "the sheds" and everyone thinks he’s contagious. It takes a quirky educational film about "Animal Changes" to make the student body realize the coincidental transformations they’re experiencing are just part of growing up. / "Shiny Thing" -- Against school policy, Jake brings a shiny glass ball to school. Everyone but Adam is mesmerized by the glistening orb, and it isn’t long before Jake is using it to hypnotize students and faculty into doing his bidding!

Episode 10 - Supplies Party / She's Koala That
"Supplies Party" -- When his human friends and animal friends both accidentally get invited to his birthday bash at the local pizza palace, Adam has to find ways to keep the two groups apart or risk embarrassing himself in front of his old school's BMOC. / "She's Koala That"  Ignoring warnings from his pals, Adam befriends a sad little koala named Deidre. Soon, he discovers why no one wants to be her friend – she's a depressing drag.

Episode 11 - Kerry to Dance?
"Kerry to Dance?" Pt. 1 & 2 (1/2 hour) -- Both Jake and Ingrid want to go with Adam to the school dance. So when Adam asks his human friend Kerry to be his date, things get messy.

Episode 12 - Political Animals / Guano In 60 Seconds NEW
Guano in 60 Seconds-- Charles Darwin Middle School becomes condemned because of bat guano, and all the classes get moved into a portable. But when Jake accidentally knocks the portable off its blocks, it rolls down the street like a runaway vehicle, and Jake and Adam must stop it before anyone notices! / "Political Animals" -- Looking to make some changes around CDMS, Adam enters the school elections, and goes up against seemingly unstoppable political powerhouse, Bull Sharkowski. Adam ultimately wins the brutal campaign, but he finds the sweet taste of victory is tainted when, as the new Alpha Male, he’s immediately challenged for dominance by the entire school's population!

Episode 13 - Bubble or Nothing / Up All Night Season 01 Finale!
Bubble or Nothing -- An innocent lie about being allergic to animals backfires, causing Adam to walk around inside a plastic bubble. But instead of Adam being ridiculed, bubbles become the latest fad at school –and soon, everyone is wearing them! / "Up All Night" -- Adam’s thrilled when Kerry invites him along for a day at the local paintball place. They'll be leaving at 7 AM sharp, she warns. As Adam's getting ready for bed, Jake, Windsor, and Slips show up for a sleepover!

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