Samsher Sikander Chaddie Buddie HINDI Episodes

Samsher Sikander Chaddie Buddie HINDI Episodes
Adam Lyon (Samsher) is a little misunderstood. Literally. Ever since his name was mistyped at the school admissions office, he's been the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, where the golden rule is "Do not eat the other students." And at CDMS, things are wild: Stalking class is required, the school bully has a dorsal fin, the cafeteria serves bug soup, and Adam's (Samsher) best friend is a spider monkey named Jake (Sikander) !

-Samsher Sikander Chaddie Buddie HINDI Season 1 Episodes

Episode 2 - Bad News Bear
After Adam and Jake break a fish tube, Jake's consequence is to work in the school office filing papers, while Adam's punishment is to guide an endangered panda, Dingbang, around the school.

Episode 3 - Animal Testing
A high score in the school placement test puts Adam in the honors class where he is teased by the students at first, but he is soon respected by them when they see his excellent spelling skills.

Episode 5 - The Sheds / Shiny Thing
Slips is shedding his old skin but everyone thinks it is a virus he is spreading around the school called the AAACCCK. / When Jake finds a diamond doorknob, he discovers its power when all of his classmates become enchanted with the item due to its shining, causing Jake's obsession of his butt to go to far, making all of the students study only monkey butts.

Episode 10 - Supplies Party
Adam is celebrating his birthday party at Piggy Porker's Pizza Palace, but when his human and animal friends both show up, he has to find ways to keep them apart or else will be embarrassed.

Episode 11 - Kerry to Dance ?
Adam wants to ask Kerry to the school dance; Jake is shocked Adam doesn't want to go with him, and Ingrid thinks Adam wants to ask her to the dance.

Episode 12 - Political Animals / Guano In 60 Seconds
Adam enters the school elections and faces off against seemingly powerful Bull Sharkowski. / When Charles Darwin Middle School is closed due to bat guano contamination, school is held in a portable classroom.

Episode 13 - Bubble or Nothing / Up All Night Season 01 Finale!
After being played around by three lions, Adam tells the nurse he is allergic to some of the animals. / Adam's excited when Kerry invites him to play paintball early the next morning, but can't sleep when Windsor, Jake and Slips show up for a sleepover.