Oggy And The Cockroaches HINDI Episodes

Oggy And The Cockroaches

Lazy cat Oggy enjoys living a simple life eating and watching TV are among his favorite hobbies. Unfortunately, his roommates often get in the way of his laziness. Those roommates are tiny cockroaches Joey, Marky and Dee Dee, who like to cause mayhem like raiding Oggy's fridge, making big messes and forcing the cat to clean up after them. Despite the trouble they cause, Oggy secretly misses the little critters when they're not around. Also part of Oggy's life is nature-loving neighbor Olivia, who is his love interest.

Season 1[480p Quality]


Episode 1 - Bitter Chocolate
Oggy gets a box of deluxe-chocolate delivered to his house and gets inside to enjoy it, but the cockroaches have decided to take it all for themselves, and Oggy won't easily give up the chocolates without a fight.

Episode 02 - French Fries
After making some French fries, Oggy intends on having a well-deserved snack, that is, if he can take them back from the cockroaches first.

Episode 03 - Mission Oggy
After getting himself trapped in a drink bottle, cockroach Dee Dee is kidnapped by Oggy and locked up in the refrigerator.

Episode 04 - It's All Under Control
The cockroaches decide to jump into Jack's head, take over his brain and control him to wreak havoc all around the place including on Oggy, if necessary. It will be, however, much easier said than done.

Episode 05 - It's Been a Hard Day's Noise
Oggy wants to listen to his music CD in peace, but the cockroaches decide to pump up the volume into and beyond acceptable limits.

Episode 06 - The Patient
Jack ends up frozen in a block of ice while chasing the cockroaches, so Oggy nurses him. The cockroaches plan to exchange Jack's medicine for a concoction of their own. Oggy does not notice anything, though.

Episode 07 - Shake Oggy Shake
Oggy and Jack are doing their chores but the cockroaches crank Oggy's coffee up quite a notch as to make Oggy do everything very fast.

Episode 08 - Tooth Good to be True
After witnessing Oggy receive money from the tooth fairy, Joey plans on losing his own teeth so he can buy a can of pop.

Episode 09 - One Track Life
While Jack is hooked on video games, Oggy tries to pass the time by playing with a train set, which the cockroaches use for loading food.

Episode 10 - Mouseagator
After getting run over Oggy's new remote-controlled lawnmower, the cockroaches get their revenge by forging their own cat-destroyer machine that looks like a mouse, but acts like an alligator.

Episode 11 - Nine Months and Counting
As a prank, the cockroaches inflate Oggy's belly, making him think that he is pregnant. However, he will soon find out that only girls can have babies, and not boys

Episode 12 - A Tip for the Road
Oggy takes driving lessons from a blind and partially deaf driving instructor and the cockroaches interfere, shifting the experience into chaos around town.

Episode 13 - Fishing Frolic
Jack takes Oggy on a fishing trip, with neither of them knowing that Dee Dee has come along with them. While Jack keeps a large, amorous fish at bay, Oggy is learning how to fish, whereas Dee Dee is eating all of the bait, especially their lunch.

Episode 14 - Rock 'n Roll Altitude
Oggy has a fear of flying, and while taking him on a flight on a 747, Jack tries hypnosis to help him relax. After the cockroaches snaps Oggy out of hypnosis, he became so scared that he will not let go of the 747 tail wing so Jack removes it while the cockroaches goes for a NASA rocket.

Episode 15 - It's a Long Way Down
While Jack takes up mountain climbing in Canada, Oggy intends on reading a good book from his library, only to end up getting stranded in some very high book shelves by the cockroaches, while Jack is having problems of his own at the mountain.

Episode 16 - Oggy's Night Out
Oggy and Jack have a meal out at a fancy restaurant in Paris. Things take an unexpected bad turn, as the cockroaches are stealing their orders and Jack can't wait any longer to tuck in.

Episode 17 - Oggy's Diet
Overweight Oggy decides to keep fit, much to the dismay of the cockroaches. What can they do to this situation? By performing the usual sabotages to make sure Oggy stays the way he is.

Episode 18- The Time Machine
Poor Oggy, as usual, gets in an accident involving Jack against the cockroaches in retaliation of his cake being eaten, ending up being squashed into a disk.

Episode 19 - Occupied
Oggy desperately needs to use the bathroom, but the cockroaches have it occupied and do all what they can to keep him out of it.

Episode 20 - House for Rent
The cockroaches rent Oggy's house to a redneck who literally kicks Oggy out. In trying to get his house back, Oggy finally rents it out to an obese wrestler who is even bigger, or worse.

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