Zinba HINDI Episodes

Zinba HINDI Episodes [HD]

Zinba Warrior is the story of a world where human beings can associate and live with the animals having special powers called Zinba. The juvenile Kan from the earth is summoned to the Kingdom of Toria , where he encounters attack from the giant creature Zinba, and he's rescued by the linker Shibuki and Uranus. Later, he accidentally gets on the linker squad DUX truck to the maze valley, finding in a cave a golden Zinba.

Episode 01 – Encounter
The juvenile KAN from the earth is summoned to the Kingdom of Toria , where he encounters attack from the giant creature -Zinba , and he’s rescued by the linker SHIBUKI and URANUS.

Episode 02 – Joining the Dux
KAN and KINGSTAR establish the linking, following Dux to look for force stone that allows him back to the earth. In the Beauty Village, KAN has conflict with the wild Zinba NAGGLE and his linking capability is aroused, evolving the KINGSTAR, and pulling the light harpoon of NAGGLE. 

Episode 03 – Initial Battle against Nine O’clock
KINGSTAR leaves the team due to his conflict with KAN, and it’s captured by BRUST.F and LINDA.F from the Nine O’clock team. 

Episode 04 – Further Battle against Nine O’clock
KAN and URANUS’s relationship becomes strained. BRUST.F set up traps to hurt them. KAN spares the traps, but finds that the force stone chain is gone, so he has no choice but to hide attacks everywhere.

Episode 05 – Cave Rescue
In the Mt. Mathew collapse , KAN helps KINGSTAR escape from the cave , but he’s trapped inside. The cave is easy to collapse, but KINGSTAR cannot control the power of opening the hole, so he’s depressed.

Episode 06 – Strong Opponent – SHUTS
The Hamlet of Momo elder tells KAN , SHIBUKI, URANUS and others that Nine O’clock members mix the water of the “Frenzy Spring” with the wells in the village , resulting in that the villagers go crazy .

Episode 07 – SHIBUKI’s Charm
KAN rushes into the Lakeside Village and dislodges BRUST.F. SHIBUKI gently comforts the scared little girl NATSUKI. YEAGER and URANUS go to a waste warehouse and search the force stone that’s robbed away by the escaping Nine O’clock group. In the battle SHIBUKI mercilessly defeats LINDA.F who pretends to be a weak little girl, and immediately resumes his gentle image. KAN and KINGSTAR are acutely aware that SHIBUKI is the most horrible guy!

Episode 08 – URANUS’s Story
The URANUS and KAN dislodge the Nine O’clock team who is coveting the force stone fountain in the Dutchkuni Village. Later they find out that Dutchkuni Villageused to be the practice place of URANNUS.

Episode 09 – SHUT’S Dual-Zinba
The Nine O’clock plunders the force stone in the Togari Valley. KAN and URANUS quickly stop them. The late Kan encounters SHUTS who has two Zinbas.

Episode 10 – Zinba Prohibited Zone
YEAGER takes KAN to the Zenevia City to attend the meeting. KAN is strolling around the town, encountering the BRUST.F and LINDA.F. When they’re about to fight, the discipline head MRS. FOOKY of the Zenevia City prohibits Zinba from evolution.

Episode 11 – The Togari’s owner
While KAN and timid WIKSY are playing, they rescue the trapped aquatic Zinba. KAN says, “Because we are friends”, which deeply moves WIKSY. Later, they encounter BRUST.F and LINDA.F. KINGSTAR is not suitable forfight on the beach. At the critical moment, WIKSY overcomes the fear and breaks out the amazing strength.

Episode 12 – SHUTS’s nature
With order, Shuts brings CLIFF to the new force stone quarry to snatch the force stones. KAN rushes to support with KINGSTAR.

Episode 13 – Civilian Dux
Nine O’clock team goes through the border of Toria, fleeing to the Berudorado. The Berudorado ambassador verbally humiliates Dux. To prove Dux’s ability, KAN secretly goes to the Berudorado to locate the trace of the Nine O’clock team.

Episode 14 – Into the Berudorado
KAN sneaks into the outpost of Berudorado , accidentally rolling down the hill and separating from KINGSTAR . In the battle against the Nine O’clock team in the force stone quarry, KAN is involved in crisis. NAGGLE brings KINGSTAR and arrives in time. IST, the security head of Berudorado, mistakes KAN as a member of the Nine O’clock team, so he attacks Kan. Dux team rushes to support and rescues Kan.

Episode 15 – Zinba Acrobatics
To make a living, Dux conducts acrobatics performances. KINGSTAR is angry at KAN so he leaves the team and
meets WILL. WILL slides down and is hung on branches due to the frightened mammoth group. KINGSTAR wants to save WILL, but powerless so he can only encourage him by heart.

Episode 16 – TETA Appears
JOE, who claims to be the investigation head of vestiges tells Dux team that there’s an evil spirit in the vestige town, and hires Dux team as bodyguards . They overcome difficulties and meet the legendary demons – TETA , who claims that URANUS is the ” Pharaoh ” of its master. v, who is actually the head of Tomb Mission, expects to snatch TETA’s “antique” cooker.

Episode 17 – SEAS Appears
YEAGER and KAN investigate on the crab shape and monster arrests cases in the Muccorn River, only to find them inhaled by a bubble wall. KAN and KINGSTAR fall into a cave, where KAN comes to rescue. Under SEAS’s request, KAN links with him and SEAS builds up such magical healing power that he issues the bubble light curtain to resolve the flood.

Episode 18 – FAD Appears
YEAGER and Kan enter the Temple hall to find a path, where they’re attacked by a little old man. The little old man says that if Kan completes his test he’ll tell him where his second Zinba is. When KAN completes all tests, the monk suddenly disappears, while the FAD appears and defeats Kingstar.

Episode 19 – Sea Battle
The force stones are used up by SAM. On the way for other force stones, Dux team carries out a battle against the VERZ who is attacking the Fishing village. However, due to lack of force stone, KAN and his mates are struggling. 

Episode 20 – Hot Spring Resort Day
KAN encounters IST in the hot spring resort in the Town of Hacuni. Both of them think they are familiar to each other. TETA suddenly gets out of control and accidentally injures Kingstar. HARDION assists and subdues TETA. Before parting, KAN and IST make a duel appointment.

Episode 21 - Three Party Melee
KAN finds that SHUTS’s ROZA and FROGATE’s fighting force is greatly increased after they are “married”. Fortunately, FAD subtly breaks the link of the two. Later on KAN encounters BRUST.Fand LINDA.F, assisting Rainbow Zinba to find her way home.

Episode 22 – The Devil is Approaching
KAN encounters IST in the hot spring resort in the Town of Hacuni. Both of them think they are familiar to each other. TETA suddenly gets out of control and accidentally injures Kingstar. HARDION assists and subdues TETA. Before parting, KAN and IST make a duel appointment.

Episode 23 – Timmy Pearl
The sick RANBEE has been talking about the “Timmy pearl “. BRUST.F, LINDA.F, Kan and Alice come to the beach, finding Timmy pearl under the guidance of RODDY. In order to misappropriate the Pearl, RODDY lies but he is seen through by others. RANBEE is full of spirits when he gets the Timmy Pearl.

Episode 24 – Decisive Battle Eve
BRUST.F dresses as a prophet and learns from the 045 captain from Nine O’clock that the security forces and Nine O’clock team have joined together to attack DUX tomorrow . Kan’s optimism and YEAGER’s determination touch those in troubles. BRUST. F promises to join the Dux combat, and NAGGLE even brings more than 100 wild Zinbas to support Kan. The Dux’s confidence is boosted. 

Episode 25 – Against Nine O’clock
Dux and the joint forces are attacked. Kan and other people break through the first line of defense under Zinba’s help. In the forest, SHIBUKI and URANUS encounter three mysterious Zinbas. Kan and BRUST. F suffer from SHUTS. ROZA and FROGATE suddenly realize true love and decide to retreat together .Kan is attacked by LOGNAI’s ELK. IST comes up with the secret order of the President to expose the criminal conspiracy of ZULF. After Kan and BRUST.

Episode 26 – The Decisive Battle
IST and Kan team up and defeat ZACRAY. ZULF links the legendary ELPARADON, but ELPARADON gets rid of the ZULF’s manipulation, planning to destroy this land. Kan and the others desperately besiege. At the last moment Kingstar recalls some strange episodes to stimulate the potential energy, which eliminates ELPARADON ultimately. The war ends and the DUX is dissolved.

Episode 27 – Entering Rupeas
Dux is forced to be disbanded. KAN and KINGSTAR come and rescue a young BASTERL, learning that someone is chasing the wild Zinba. Originally, GANGEL is the villain who’s chasing the wild Zinba. Because GAZAS is mechanically reinvented, even being injured, it can also launch high-intensity attacks.

Episode 28 – Zinba Athletic Competition
KAN and KINGSTAR collapse in the desert and are rescued to the Town of Faranso by KEEYO and GAOS. The Town of Faranso holds a Zinba athletic competition immediately. KEEYO’s partner LICO blames that KEEYO is not working hard enough, so she promises to be JERYL’s partner. KAN and KINGSTAR encourage KEEYO and decide to rally! At this time, KAN finds that EM also comes to this different world. KAN and KINGSTAR help KEEYO and GAOS to implement intensive training.

Episode 29 – Fighting! KEEYO
Zinba athletic contest opens, and GAOS encounters situations constantly. KINGSTAR chases with stunning efforts for a record-breaking performance, with KEEYO and GAOS being qualified. KAN and KEEYO’s group breaks into the semi-finals all the way, leaving JERYL furious.

Episode 31 – Shadow of Tabo
In the Tabo base in the desert, the girl LICO receives orders to go Pieto Forrest to catch wild Zinba. At this point, KAN and KINGSTAR come to the village near the Pieto Forrest, but are chased away by the villagers, accidentally falling into the trap. 

Episode 32 – Chasing EM
In order to clarify the situation of EM , KAN and KINGSTAR set off to the Tabo base looking for EM . Unexpectedly they encounter midway BRUST FIDDLE and LICONDA FIDDLE who come to rescue CORPIOS and RANBEE.

Episode 33 – Zinba Town
KAN, who comes to Ludora City, finds it’s a special town owned by Zinba. EM shows up there as well. Zinba stadium is built, and EM invites the mayor and other Zinba officers to experience the stadium.

Episode 34 – WINDY’s Brother
SHIBUKI comes to the Dark castle, meet KEEYO, as well as the developer CRODO and his assistant MONICA, and SHAWN who claims to investigate the strange phenomenon here. While RODO is openly visiting the castle with SHIBUKI, SHAWN disappears, so is CRODO. Later MONICA is seen through to spread rumors and goof around.

Episode 35 – The Legendary Linker
URANUS goes back to the Dutchkuni Village in Toria , coming across Fred and Aiden who claim to be the super fans of ” thunder badge linker “. 

Episode 36 – Dux Reunion
Uluru finally converged with everyone, in order to celebrate the re-assembly of the Dax, and wait for the arrival of a new member, Ignatik to take us to a plain in Siluya, at this time, they received the tower Figure in the vicinity of the forest haunt the news, immediately rush.

Episode 37 – The Fruit of Strength
After fighting with Tatu, Dax realized the importance of ascension. Under the guidance of Liriodendron, Tianyu, who came to Loch Hill to find the legendary power of God can enhance the soul of the colorful “red dragon fruit.”

Episode 38 – The Fake Dux
Dux people come to the town of snow Zhouzhu swimming refreshing, Sky encountered in the snow town of Baixiaibai drink counterfeit Dax Group – Qiu Yu, Aoki and Cui Lulu. Tianyu can not stand, to strength duel, the result of eating the power to enhance the red dragon fruit, whole body weakness, was playing miserable.

Episode 39 – Father and Son
Torria, New Zealand and Silua decided to hold a tripartite meeting in Vigas to jointly deal with Tatu’s response. Dax was ordered to serve as security guard. Prime Minister Gao Bo attended, Sky surprised to find high-Bo is Lance’s father.

Episode 40 – Crazy Gorilla
On behalf of the fly drive the zombie aircraft in the border fortress wantonly destroyed, fortunately Dax arrived in time.

Episode 41 – One Day Friendship
Dux and his party came to the town of Hachio, Ignatius and Ling Yuxuan to meet with New York security forces officials, Sky and others in the town of Haqiu shopping, Uluru accidentally lost, and then met the Lebanese, Li Can borrow Uluru to avoid annoying Mina.

Episode 42 – Man Made Zinba 
Daxi found Tata’s ninth base, Tianyu they did not intend to activate the re-Ming birds and other three man-made god soul. And in the tower here, on behalf of the fly that Peng Jie to give up the ninth base in the artificial gods feel pity, ready to look for them. Iraq Ignatius method to let them and Tianyu and other links, but try to fail, on behalf of the fly came to the base, just found three artificial souls, want to control them.

Episode 44 – Taste of Goodbye
Matthew in the Kuluo mountain near the Mia Valley to capture the armed Denon, that Dax in the Kuluo Mountain, they sent on behalf of the fly to divert Dax.

Episode 45 – Majure’s Zinba
Peng Jie, Xiang Meng and others in the horse off the life in the vicinity of the Valley of the village of rare mining broken stone, for the future control of Chi Yan lion in preparation.

Episode 46 – The Legendary Zinba
Matthew and two souls of God’s debut shocked the dax full! Eager emergency contact Gao Bo, asked to convene the three-party talks, to discuss the three souls of God. Back to the Toglia Iga, to the Torriya, New Zealand and the king of the two countries to show the two gods to reproduce the evidence of the mainland.

Episode 47 – Zinba’s Flute
Dax and his party arrived in Dallas City. Jia Fu told Sky to the dead of night when the magic flute sounded, God soul will not see. After a while came a flute, Tianyu not feel the presence of Chiyan Lion, Ling Yuchen, Luo Mao, Bo Tao of the three souls of God have also been seen.

Episode 48 – The Tower
Matthew sent a declaration of war to the world speech, Dax went to Tatu’s headquarters base – the tower of death to arrest Matthew.

Episode 49 – Tough Battle
Toward the death of the top of the tower into the sky in front of everyone, there have been to Mongolia, Mongolia has been modified by Matthew, has a strong destruction of instinct.

Episode 50 – The Last Battle
Flame lion fall into the traps of Matthew, lost consciousness. Tianyu to wake up the flames lion, after Tianyu in the spirit of the world to wake up the flames lion. Can not be reconciled to the failure of the horse break so that the armed Denon and broken blunt crocodile into a disillusioned dragon crocodile.

Episode 51 – Reverse Linking
Down with Matthew, destroy the tower figure, the sky and his friends ushered in a relaxing day. At this point, Lance and Lepidoptera found a lot of data was deliberately deleted, some people trying to hide some truth. After the terminal was found in the other side is located in Dr Ray proud mansion. At night, the celebration party began, but has not seen the Lance and Pterodactyla, Iga and Gao Bo feel something wrong.

Episode 52 – Zinba, Human, Machine Series Finale
Mechanic Corps in all parts of the attack, victory. Gao Bo calculated with the rescue of Iraq and others, all together to get rid of the guard of the mechanical soldiers. Critical moment, sky and flames lion appeared. Sky to the other summoners and soul awakened, fighting side by side again. Rowling queen resorted to the final killer – magic cube. The magic cube was shielded by magic cube and was hit by a powerful laser beam, the loss of combat effectiveness. But the flames lion and Sky Sky has reached the realm of unity of mind, they launched a final blow, destroy magic cube.