Zinba HINDI Episodes

Zinba HINDI Episodes [HD]

Zinba Warrior is the story of a world where human beings can associate and live with the animals having special powers called Zinba. The juvenile Kan from the earth is summoned to the Kingdom of Toria , where he encounters attack from the giant creature Zinba, and he's rescued by the linker Shibuki and Uranus. Later, he accidentally gets on the linker squad DUX truck to the maze valley, finding in a cave a golden Zinba.

Episode 51 – Reverse Linking
Down with Matthew, destroy the tower figure, the sky and his friends ushered in a relaxing day. At this point, Lance and Lepidoptera found a lot of data was deliberately deleted, some people trying to hide some truth. After the terminal was found in the other side is located in Dr Ray proud mansion. At night, the celebration party began, but has not seen the Lance and Pterodactyla, Iga and Gao Bo feel something wrong.

Episode 52 – Zinba, Human, Machine Series Finale
Mechanic Corps in all parts of the attack, victory. Gao Bo calculated with the rescue of Iraq and others, all together to get rid of the guard of the mechanical soldiers. Critical moment, sky and flames lion appeared. Sky to the other summoners and soul awakened, fighting side by side again. Rowling queen resorted to the final killer – magic cube. The magic cube was shielded by magic cube and was hit by a powerful laser beam, the loss of combat effectiveness. But the flames lion and Sky Sky has reached the realm of unity of mind, they launched a final blow, destroy magic cube.