Beyblade V-Force [Season 2] HINDI Episodes [HD]

Beyblade V-Force [Season 2] HINDI Episodes
The Bladebreakers have gone their separate ways. But when Team Psykick and the Saint Shields attack the Bladebreakers and try to steal their bit-beasts, the Bladebreakers reassemble to defeat the new enemies. Tyson's classmate Hilary Tachibana joins the Bladebreakers but takes time to learn that Beyblade isn't just the stupid game she thinks it is.In an attempt to steal the four bit-beasts from the Bladebreakers.

-BeyBlade V-Force Episodes-

Bladebreakers, the team that dominated the Beyblade World Tournament has split up. Max to the United States, Rei to China. Kai's whereabouts are unknown, and Takao spends his days peacefully in Japan, dealing with every day issues at school and having some arguments with his classmate Hiromi Tachibana (Hilary in the English dub and the versions based on it). 

Takao still can't get over losing his town's Beyblade Tournament to the mysterious Mister X. Kyojyu and Dizzi try to come up with some answers but the three discover a greater mystery. On the same day as Takao's loss, Max and Rei were also visited by similar shadowy figures that easily defeated them as well.

Takao takes on the mysterious blader - named Ozuma - again and loses for a second time when Dragoon mysteriously fails to appear on command. Effects from the battle sickened Hiromi and damaged Dizzi, whom Kyojyu endeavors to repair.

Takao heads to the park to meet Kyojyu, who has a plan to get Dragoon back "on line". But when Kyojyu and Hiromi are kidnapped, Takao is forced to jump through a series of hoops set out by their captors, which test his speed and determination.

Tyson and Kenny are safe on dry land once again but are totally baffled trying to figure out why Kenny and Hilary were kidnapped by two mystery men.

Inside Gideon’s training center two of his henchmen discover a talented Blader named Snakey and offer to equip his Blade with the Magtram. 

Tyson and Kenny try to determine what the mystery material was inside Snakey’s Beyblade that made it so magnetic. Kai is tight-lipped after rejoining his friends following his draw against Dunga. Kai crashes at Tyson’s place, but departs quickly after old grievances resurface, and Hilary suspects him of being a spy.

At long last, Max and Ray rejoin their friends and the Bladebreakers are back together again! Just in time to meet their opponents, Team Psykick. With one week to train, the guys have victory on their brains – especially after Max and Kenny reveal the new technology developed by Max’s mom.

The Bladebreakers were on route to take on Team Psykick in a tournament when the Driver filled the bus with sleeping gas. While unconscious, they were quickly whisked away to a deserted island where Doctor B, Gideon’s minion, was assigned to steal the Bit Beasts from all four team members with a Bit-Beast Capturing System.

The Bladebreakers decide to split up ion order to find a way out of the island. Hiromi, Kai and Kyojyu head for the lighthouse where they hope to find a way to communicate with the outside world and call for help, while Takao, Rei and Max decide to carry on with the beybattles, hoping that if they win, they will be able to leave the site. 

Kai and Figel fight on top of a bridge while Kyojyu tries to hack into Psykick's system in order to shut down the bit-beast capturing mechanisms. He makes it, but Kai manages to defeat his opponent without having to bring Dranzer out, anyway. K

Takao recuperates in the hospital after being rescued from the island where he fought Team Psykick. Away from school, Takao discovers he really likes hospital life until Hiromi and their teacher Mrs. Kinkaid show up with all his homework assignments.

Yusufu infiltrates the Psykicks' laboratory and discovers that they are using the data they collected on the Blade Breakers to create Cyber Bit-Beasts based on the original ones. But the Doctor's first test ends in a failure and he goes insane while an unimpressed Gideon leaves. 

Ozuma accepts Takao's challenge and they fight at the Saint Shield's warehouse. As it rages on, Takao is forced to call out his Victory Tornado Attack in order to win. After the fight, Ozuma flippantly tells Takao he needs to "improve his bit-beast technique".

The Blade Breakers discuss the bit-beast they've seen at the tournament. Kyojyu consults his laptop and realizes the bit-beast is a digital copy of Dragoon made of data from the Bladebreakers bit-beasts. 
As the Bladebreakers continue their training program, Kai's classmate Minami returns and begs Kai to help him train to become a first-class Beyblader. Remembering the time back at school that Minami betrayed Kai by stealing Dranzer and using it in battle against Dunga, Kai turns him down. Hurt, Minami vows to return and defeat Kai one day. 

Takao is back home practicing his blading and quickly tires of it. The rest of the Bladebreakers, including Hiromi, keep harping on him to continue until he gets it right.

Kane, Goki, Jim, and Salima arrive at Doctor B's lab to begin battle tests for Gideon. Jim goes first after being given his new Beyblade, Cyber Draciel.

After seeing the power of the Cyber bit-beasts in Team Psykick's BeyBlades, Takao vows to do whatever it takes to beat them.

Kyojyu unveils Takao's new Dragoon, equipped with illegal modifications, as Takao requested in the previous episode. 

The Bladebreakers travel by helicopter together with Kyojyu, Hiromi and Kaichou to their re-match against the Psykick's while the Saint Shields watch from afar and decide to follow them. 

The Bladebreakers travel by helicopter together with Kyojyu, Hiromi and Kaichou to their re-match against the Psykick's while the Saint Shields watch from afar and decide to follow them.

A confused and heartbroken Rei faces Salima and despite the threat of losing his bit-beast forever, he hesitates, baffled by the extreme change in Salima's personality. Frustrated with Rei's attitude, Salima attacks him with more and more power. 

The Bladebreakers reach the fourth level of Gideon's Battle Tower and meet their next opponent, Goki. Meanwhile, tension grows between Gideon and Doctor B.

Kane's Cyber bit-beast keeps growin in size and strength, and it even has the ability to copy Dragoon's moves and improve on them. Cyber Dragoon grows so powerful that it starts releasing energy shock waves which damages the stadium and the building's system. 

Ozuma reaches the fifth floor and finds Takao and Kane carrying on with their furious battle, with Cyber Dragoon growing stronger and damaging the building. Kane succumbs as his energy is being drained by his bit-beast and he is losing control over it.

The Bladebreakers are en route to New York City, where Max's mother Judy is expected to fix their beyblades from the damage they suffered at the Psykick's building. Just as they leave the airport, however, Judy takes them to the BBA research lab where she shows them an ancient rock, covered in mysterious writing.

The Bladebreakers discuss the stealing of the rock and Alan's involvement. Meanwhile, he is seen in a warehouse receiving a new beyblade with a piece of the rock from a mysterious blond woman. She leaves the warehouse only to be chased by the police, which she easily evades.

When the kids return to Japan accompanied by Judy, they are taken to an abandoned research facility where Daitokuji Kaichou had once worked on a similar rock with his old partner, Dr. Zagart.

Daitokuji Kaichou and Judy show up at Takao's dojo empty-handed. Dr. Zagart and the mysterious rock have vanished without a trace. Knowing Dr. Zagart is the key to finding the missing rock, the Bladebreakers decide to launch their own search.  

The Bladebreakers try to figure out who or what was behind his attack, and how it all tied into the mysterious rock.

Daitokuji Kaichou deciphers the words that are carved onto the mysterious rocks and reads the kids this warning; "Dare not disturb this stone, for here, the bit-beasts are sealed", written in a dialect that dates back to the ancient China times.

As the Bladebreakers' training season continues and Zeo shows up and sees Draciel and Dragoon in the sky doing battle. Suddenly he decides he must have a bit-beast of his own, but everyone tells him you have to "earn" a bit-beast and it's "not a toy".

At night, Kai is busy practicing his Beyblade skills alone in the park when out of nowhere a gust of wind appears and starts slicing everything to pieces and damaging Dranzer.

Goaded by Dunga, Mariam goes off to capture Max's Draciel and finds him training by the river.

Fed up with all the recent attempts by Zagart and others to acquire the Bladebreakers bit-beasts, the Saint Shields decide to take action.

Dunga goes into battle against Kai and the fight intensifies as the blades race along the rails of an abandoned roller coaster to what looks like their doom.

Ozuma makes a final play for the Bladebreakers four bit-beasts. Before the battle starts, Ozuma recalls the time when the leader of his tribe informed him of his mission and the heavy training he has been subjected to since then.

Pleased that the Saint Shields no longer wish to seal the four bit-beasts, Dr. K gives a new Blader, Denny, a powerful, octopus-like rock bit-beast named Klarken and orders him to capture the four sacred bit-beasts. 

Episode 41 – Friends and Enemies
The BladeBreakers show up at the World Championship Tournament and go up into the stands to cheer on Zeo who’s fighting in the preliminaries.

Episode 42 – Battle at the Bitbeast Corral
Zeo focuses on Beyblade training with his father Zagart. The most powerful rock Bit-Beast named Cerberus is designated for Zeo, but he must first be able to summon it.

Episode 43 – The Fate of the Spark Battle
While all that the Bladebreakers can think of are the finals, Kai can’t stop obsessing about King and Queen.

Episode 44 – The Bitbeast Bond
After disappearing thirty years ago, Zagart confronts Mr. Dickenson, forcing him to enter Zeo in the World Championship Finals.

Episode 45 – Squeeze Play
The Beyblade World Championship Finals are underway and eight teams convene to compete for the title.

Episode 46 - Black and White Powers
The World Beyblade Championships continue and the next round has Takao and Max squaring off against Kane and Jim.

Episode 47 - Deceit From Above
Rei and Kai fight the last quarter-final match for the World Championship and win over Sanchez and Marcos with no great difficulties and advance to the semi-final round where they will face Zeo and Gordo.

Episode 48 - Zeo Vs. Ozuma
The second semi-final round begins pitting Kai and Rei against Zeo and Gordo. 

Episode 49 - The Enemy WITHIN New
Takao confronts Zeo over stealing Dranzer, but once again he states that he is determined to win an that Dragoon will be his.

Episode 50 - Clash Of The Tyson New
The Championship Finals begin as Takao faces Gordo. Despite Orthrus' increased size and power, Takao and Dragoon emerge victorious due to their spiritual link and destroy Orthrus.

Episode 51 - Destiny Of The Final Battle New *(Season Finale)*
It is revealed that Zeo is an android and Kyojyu deduces he will try to defeat Takao before his entire body shortcircuits.