Elena Of Avalor HINDI Episodes

Elena of Avalor HINDI Episodes [HD]

Princess Elena has saved her magical kingdom, Avalor, from an evil sorceress and must learn to rule as its crown princess. Elena's adventures will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion.

-Elena Of Avalor Episodes-

With the defeat of Shuriki and restoration of Avalor, Elena is eager to prove to her grandparents and cousin Esteban that she is capable of ruling as queen. Her first challenge involves finding stolen ships and rescuing Isabel and Gabe from magical shape shifters called Noblins.

Episode 2 - Model Sister
Elena attempts to balance her duties as Crown Princess and devotion to her family when a visiting emperor arrives at the same time her sister Isabel needs her help with a project for the annual Inventor's Fair.

Episode 3 - All Heated Up
A rock monster named Charoca that appears in a nearby village causes problems with his explosive temper triggering volcanic activity.

Episode 4 - Island of Youth
While the castle is preparing a surprise party for Esteban, Elena and Mateo take him sailing to an island where the Fountain of Youth is located.

Episode 5 - Spellbound
On the night Elena decides to appoint Mateo as Royal Wizard of Avalor, an evil malvago and old enemy of Alakazar named Fiero turns her family and the citizens to stone. Mateo must put his skills to the test to stop Fiero and save the people of Avalor.

Episode 6 - Prince Too Charming
Elena visits the Kingdom of Cordoba to oversee construction of a bridge between it and Avalor but is convinced by lazy and spoiled Prince Alonso to shirk her royal duties.

Episode 7 - Finders Leapers
Naomi takes charge of an archaeological dig of an underground Maruvian chamber. Esteban, who believes Naomi does not belong on the Grand Council, acts on his own and releases the Duendes, mischievous magical elves from another realm.

Episode 16 - Captain Turner Returns
When Naomi's mom gets a new job in their old kingdom, Naomi and Elena try to convince her not to move the family away from Avalor.

When Esteban's old ally, Victor, returns to steal the crow jewels, Esteban must decide between protecting Elena or protecting his secret collaboration with Shuriki..

Episode 19 - Spirit Monkey Business New!
Elena must rescue Mateo when an unruly spirit monkey launches him into the spirit world.